About Us

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There are many products and information out there for your child and we appreciate it can be overwhelming. Our expert team have curated the best-selling brands in the Australian market, and presented this information in a convenient format for our customers.

The products that we carry are based on both our professional and personal experiences. We only recommend products that have good market acceptance in Australia and are well-regarded in terms of effectiveness and nutritional efficacy. These are brands that we turn to and use for our own children, or brands that our mothers trusted when we were growing up.

With the launch of our Online Superstore, you can now confidently purchase all your Infant-Baby consumables with us.

Our mission

We are passionate about achieving the best health outcomes for parents and their children. Our team of pharmacists and healthcare professionals have been collectively practicing medicine in Australia for over 30 years. Most importantly, we are parents ourselves.

What we do

In Australia, we are privileged to have access to a world-class healthcare system and safe products. We believe that parents from around the world should also be to access the same information and products that we enjoy in Australia.

We launched the Any Baby Superstore to deliver trustworthy health information and high-quality brands, direct to your doorstep. As the experts in pediatric healthcare, and we invite you to fulfill your childcare (Infant-Baby) shopping needs with us.

You can be assured knowing…

  • You have access to genuine, authentic Australian products – We only recommend and supply well-regarded Australian brands that meet Australian quality standards. Your order will be fulfilled directly through our Pharmacy Superstore located in Melbourne, Australia. We also operate a network of pharmacy stores across Melbourne, so we have access to good levels of stock and highly competitive pricing
  • All products are advertised with a single price – Price is inclusive of shipping to anywhere in Mainland China. Australian export tax exemption is applied to the advertised price
  • You will receive unbiased information and advice – You will receive unbiased information and advice regarding the most suitable products that suit your personal circumstances and budget
  • Shipping from our Pharmacy Superstore to your doorstep – We use reliable and fast shipping providers (SF in China). Typically, it takes between 1.5-3 weeks for your order to arrive. We strive to set the standard for pre-sales and after-sales customer service
  • Pay conveniently with PayPal or Bank Transfer – You can pay for your order conveniently using PayPal, or Bank Wire Transfer